Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Duffy Assembly 📚🤼

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On Tuesday, Ruapotaka school gathered up in the resource room and patiently waited for Michel Mulipola. Michel Mulipola is a comic book illustrator, advertisement illustrator, pro wrestler and he also makes up his own cool designs. Later on, our guest arrived. After listening to him talk about himself I actually stopped and thought to myself "Has he succeeded in life?", I asked myself. A few minutes later, Michel Mulipola turned around and faced the wall and privately placed his wrestling mask on. Right after he started talking, it was time for Room 12 to leave and go to orienteering. Ugggghhhhh!!! We all shouted. Everyone wanted to stay and watch the ending of Michel Mulipola's timeline. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Duffy Assembly😊

On Monday 14th August, the whole school strolled down to the school hall for assembly. As we sat down, two students from Tamaki College marched down the hall while Ruapotaka School stared at them. Later on, the two students stood up confidently and spoke about why they like reading. After their wonderful speech, students were allowed to ask suitable questions about reading. Straight after the Duffy Assembly, the senior block remained and had our Syndicate Assembly. What would you say if you were chosen to speak in front of a school about what you're good at?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Skipping Demonstration

On Wednesday 12th July 2017, Ruapotaka School had a skipping demonstration for our parents to view and know what we do for skipping. When we were all ready,  we sorted out our positions for the skipping demonstration with Mrs Golder and then we had a tiny rehearsal inside room 12. After lunch, the whole school gathered up at the netball court and sat in their classes. Later on, parents of the children escorted themselves to the chairs placed behind the staff room. As soon as our event finished, Mrs Peterson presented the first, second and third place for the junior block skip of. A few minutes later, we strolled back into our classes and organised ourselves to go home.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ropes! Skipping!

Do you like skipping? Well, in the afternoon Room 12 will go outside with Mr.Reid and Mrs Golder for a skipping period for a couple of minutes. Firstly, we skip 10 times forward and 10 times backwards. Secondly, we skip 10 times forward zigzag and backwards zigzag. Thirdly, we skip 20 times forward and 20 times back. Fourthly, we skip 20 times forward zigzag and 20 times backwards zigzag. Later on we split up into our groups. Me and my group are jumping over 1 rope jump and we're trying to do push ups over the skipping rope.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tired But Fun (Fitness)

Every morning the whole senior block has a fitness session with the teachers. When we had started our 10 minutes of running I  knew that I had to prove that I am a fit and sporty person. Once the whistle was blown, off I went as fast as a cheetah speeding through the empty gaps beside my opponents. As I was rushing past them I had to stop because I was so tired I could barely even walk. A few minutes later, I stared at Mika because he was a sloth in the race tracks. Later on the time for our fitness was over. I raced back to the line as the time when from 10 seconds, as I reached back I had made it just under 5 seconds. As minutes went by we walked dawdling into our classes and get ready for learning.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

National Milk Day

Today 1st June 2017 is a special day, which is called 'National Milk Day' that is celebrated by young children around New Zealand. School books, writing pads, wall cladding, and roof tiles are just some of the things that can be made from recycled Fonterra Milk for Schools packs. Students and schools are happy to know that every single milk pack is recycled into new and useful products to be used by someone else around the world. 

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