Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Film Festival

On Wednesday, the Manaiakalani Schools advanced to the Hoyts Cinemas at Sylvia Park. Mrs Peterson had divided Room 12 students to sit with a Room 1 student. As soon we arrived there, we proceeded to the Cinemas. Once we got up to the stairs we walked to Cinema 3 and found a little area for Ruapotaka School. Our movie came up next as St Pius was finishing up their movie, as it commenced, I was very proud to have our movie seen by other Manaiakalani schools.

Everyone's movies was so AMAZING!! but apparently our movie was rated as the top movie created for the Manaiakalani Movie Festival 2017. When we got back to school we had some positive feedback from bus drivers and teachers.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Otahuhu Parade!!

On Tuesday, Otahuhu town centre was full of Tongan flags. Most of the parents climbed on cars and commenced to dance. Later on into the evening some Samoan cars showed up out of nowhere. Most of the Tongans surrounded the Samoan flag and then they started celebrating together. Once the Tongans had moved out off the way, all the Tongans pushed and shoved the car. Anyways, after the Tongans had finished their session with the Samoan car, the Tongans started running up and down the road like horses. A few hours later the Tongans decided that they were tired from all their dancing so they travelled back home and had a rest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tonga🔴 vs Scotland🔵

7:30 pm, on the dot, the game has started!! As the commentators say, this game is Men vs Boys. Soon as Tonga received the ball, they had ran it straight to the Scotland forward pack. The Scotland team had a good defence line, but Tonga had a good attack line. Minute by minute, Tonga kept and kept on scoring. After half time, the score was 38-0 to Tonga. Everyone had gone crazy. As soon as the game finished, Tonga had beaten Scotland (who was in 4th place in the whole League scoreboard) 50-4. Apparently Tonga is now in 4th place.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Labour Weekend 🔴

On Monday, my family and I had a wonderful lunch at Botanic Garden. Later on the day my brothers had arrived from their training and joined us. After our lunch we took a hike around the beautiful areas in the Botanic Garden. "Mum, can we get a nice cold ice cream after this?" I said with dullness. As we reached our final location I was so excited because it was nearly ice cream time. After the day ended my phone ended up having over 200 photos.


Every interval and lunch, the boys from room 12 will always scurry to the basketball court and set up teams for a basketball game. After we have set up our teams, we start of by checking to ball. Later on as time goes by, Dakbai and I had a quick game against each other. "Dakbai defends, Pate ankle breaks Dakbai", said Azahar and Jack. Later on, the bell had rung and Dakbai went for the last shot. As it was flying through the air, suddenly the shot was an air ball.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back From The Holiday!

"Welcome back" said Mrs Vickers. We are back from the holidays and are ready to learn again I was really hyped to see my friends. Firstly, after the bell had rung, the seniors raced to the front of room 11. Later on, Mrs Misela had prepared us a dancing routine as our fitness. After that, my forehead was wet as a sponge full of water. As soon as we finished our last dance song, Mr Reid had instructed us to escort ourselves to our own classes. After a couple of hours, we were just finishing our maths. Straight after Interval, we splat up into our reading groups. As our reading period went by, we had to close our chrome books and get our lunch. A few minutes later, I arrived at room 7 and ready to monitor them. After lunch, Dakbai and I had a quick game of basketball and I was ankle breaking him every time I got the ball. When it was after school I walked down to the bus stop and traveled to Otahuhu.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Colour Combination ↹

The past week, Room 12 has been focusing on a science experiment including 2 colours on a circle shaped cardboard. Everyone had a 1 metre string and poked 2 holes through the circle. My experiment was a total disaster, because I kept forgetting to place the string in the center of the circle. Finally I have placed my string in the centre point of my circle and while it was spinning, I was trying to observe what was shown on the circle. Later on, while the spinning wheel was spinning, all of a sudden, it broke.